What to do in centre Alsace

The wine road

La Route of wines of Alsace offers a genuine postcard image: vines perfectly aligned to the onslaught of the Vosges forests, ruins the proud castles of the middle ages, villages surrounded by these old walls that protect more than perfect happiness flowery streets, welcoming winstubs, the vaults in festivals, Baroque signs or the centuries-old housesRomanesque churches or wells generously bequeathed by the Renaissance.

The Eagle of the Eagles

La Eagle of the Eagles of Kintzheim offer a show impressive and striking: the flight in complete freedom of the largest raptors of the world in the ruins of the Château de Kintzheim. A unique opportunity to closely observe unapproachable birds in nature. It is in this medieval setting that the most beautiful birds of the world fly only a few inches from the audience. What amazed the children and the greatest!

The monkey mountain

Dthe forest in a 43-hectare enclosure live 280 Barbary macaques in total freedom.
The circuit runs only one-third of the Park. Between you and the magots there cages, bars or fences; monkeys occupy all the space around you.